The weekly TH9 service covers Jakarta to Thailand and Malaysia and features strategic stops for extended services to inland locations.

Jakarta, Indonesia – Sealand – A Maersk Company Asia launches the TH9 service, covering direct service from Jakarta, Indonesia to Thailand and Kuantan, Malaysia.

The weekly TH9 service follows the route Jakarta -> Tanjung Pelapas -> Songkhla -> Laem Chabang -> Kuantan -> Tanjung Pelapas -> Jakarta.

The TH9 service will cut transit time as cargoes won’t have to stop over Tanjung Pelapas and be transferred to another vessel as previously practiced. It also allows direct stops at Songkhla and Kuantan, which is currently exclusive to Sealand Asia, in addition to direct stop at Laem Chabang.

The strategic route can efficiently cover inland locations including Bangkok, Myawaddy, and Vientiane with Sealand Asia’s logistics services – a true differentiator from other services in the market.

TH9 leaves Jakarta every Sunday. Start a booking here.

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