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We know that transparency is important to our customers. That is why we are making changes to two of our surcharges. These changes are designed to increase predictability and ensure you spend less time understanding what costs these surcharges cover.

From 1 June 2023, we plan to replace the following charges, as follows:

Original surcharge new surcharge

Original surcharge New surcharge
Original surcharge
Merchant Haulage Export (MHE)
New surcharge
Equipment Handling Export (EHE)
Original surcharge
Merchant Haulage Imprt (MHI)
New surcharge
Equipment Handling Import (EHI)

The new Equipment Handling Export/Import surcharges will apply when we do not perform the carrier haulage move. Handling the container to a third-party provider leads to additional costs for Maersk. These vary from location to location but consist of lift-on or lift-off at port; creation and processing of documents; release and return of containers, purchase and maintenance of port badge codes, port system access, and license feeds; badge code administration; and round the clock support. The new Equipment Handling Surcharge will cover these costs and be equivalent to what customers have paid for Merchant Haulage Export/Import in the past. The Equipment Handling Export/Import surcharges will only apply in countries and situations where Merchant Haulage Export/Import has applied previously.

If the Merchant Haulage Export/Import is part of your contract with us, it will remain in place until that contract ends and not be replaced by the new surcharge. Similarly, if Merchant Haulage Export/Import is excluded from your contract then the new surcharge will not be applicable.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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