Sealand – A Maersk Company is responding to the impact of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. As you can read here, the Port of Iskenderun remains closed until further notice due to significant damage at the terminal. As a consequence, all rotations that passed Iskenderun need to be adjusted.

Therefore, the Port of Limassol on Cyprus is added between Alexandria (Egypt) and Port Said East (Egypt). Limassol (CYLMS) is replacing the Port of Iskenderun until the infrastructure on site is restored and terminals can resume operational business again.

With this response, Sealand takes the possible measures to secure transit times and ensure a reliable schedule for the route from Northern Europe to Port Said in Egypt. The following rotation is served:
London Gateway > Rotterdam > Bremerhaven > Ashdod (Israel) > Alexandria (Egypt) > Limassol (Cyprus) > Port Said East (Egypt)

The new SLB rotation will start its service on March 2, beginning with the vessel MAERSK IZMIR.

In case of further questions, feel free to contact your local customer service teams.

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