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January 24 – 26

Plaza Mayor, Medellin


Always be prepared for change

The lifestyle industry is constantly changing. In this dynamic environment, businesses like yours need to have a strategic advantage to adapt rapidly. For this, understanding the local market needs inside out is essential. So that disruptions never come as a surprise.

Sealand- A Maersk Company’s Less-than-Container Load and Warehousing and Distribution solutions in Latin America, backed by our integrated services enable you to stay ahead of market change.

Sealand Less-than-Container Load

Designed for shipments that cannot fill up a standard sized cargo container. Consolidate your shipment with multiple parties before it is moved to a common destination point. This ensures better speed-to-market, higher inventory and cost efficiency as well as complete transparency.

Sealand Warehousing and Distribution

Whatever your warehousing needs are, we have a solution to fit in Latin America. By combining shipping with our extensive warehousing and distribution network, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer logistic service providers. This helps you reduce complexity while increasing speed, control and visibility.

Join our experts at the event

At COLOMBIATEX 2023, we’ll discuss how our end-to-end solutions along with our global expertise, controlled assets, and digital innovations help you stay on top of your game. 

Josue Alzamora
Global Head of Lifestyle, Maersk
Date: Tuesday Jan 24th, 2023

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