The unprecedent energy price rise experienced in the last weeks has unfortunately reached a level that is no longer possible to sustain with our Inland transportation rates, which have been set based on a much lower cost picture compared to the current price of Inland transportation services in the market.

Due to the unsustainable nature of this situation, Maersk is forced to introduce an Emergency Inland Energy Surcharge* for all Inland transportation moves, as a mechanism to pass-through the additional costs presented by our vendors and secure the capacity in the market to ensure a continued and sustainable Inland transportation service to our customers.

The Surcharge will be effective from 23 March 2022** until further notice and applied as follows***:

  • Direct truck transports: 5% over inland standard tariff
  • Rail combined intermodal transports: 3% over inland standard tariff
  • Rail transport: 3% add on to rates

Further increases may be experienced depending on energy price fluctuations in the market. Please feel free to reach out to your local Maersk Sales representatives for more information.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing business with us – we look forward to continuously serving your global transportation needs.

(*) Surcharge codes will be presented as “EEE” (Emergency Inland Energy Surcharge Export) and “EEI” (Emergency Inland Energy Surcharge Import).
(**) For FMC, surcharges will be applicable from 25 April 2022 as per FMC regulations.
(***) Price calculation refers to Vessel Departure date at cargo origin port; For Import shipments (i.e. inland leg at destination port hired later to cargo departure from origin port) the surcharge price calculation refers to Vessel Arrival date at cargo destination port.

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